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Title: Taste of Freedom (Chpt. 7)  
Game: Dragon Age 2  
Author: Blissy-Kills, aka Sessils  
Characters/pairing: The three wise spirits and Cinnamon Hawke
Author's note: All characters belong to Bioware, except Cinnamon Hawke. Enjoy c:  

Within the Fade, time was more of a concept then a reality. It technically did not exist. Years could pass in seconds, or seconds in years, but only to the outside world.  To those in the Fade, time was yet another concept they could bend to their will, to break those beneath their command.

But to Cinnamon, who knew the truth, it was still an annoying concept. Even as she sat, leaning against the stump of a tree floating in the empty space of the Fade, Cinnamon knew only minutes had past. But when one waits for something to occur, minutes drag into hours. And when one isn't sure what exactly they are waiting for, hours drag into days and even weeks.

A small sigh left the brown haired mage, for the last time counting the scars on her legs and arms had lead her to come to the conclusion that long sleeves were the best option once more. She was waiting for someone, or ones. But time was a fickle thing, and now she found herself worrying.  

Fingers tapped against legs as Cinnamon let out another sigh, eyes trained on her bare feet that had only moments ago been shoed.  

"I hope Fenris is alright."

"He is. They all are. For now. You on the other hand..."

The words shocked Cinnamon, and like a well practiced routine she stood and spun around, hands held out ready to strike. They lowered quicker at the sight before her, heart filling with hope.


"Cannella. It has been a while."

"Can you help me?"

Talking a step towards the three hovering figures in fonrt of her, Cinnamon's mind raced. She recognised two of the three- One was the Spirit of Kindness, with a short summer dress and feminine but elven features. Another, the one that spoke, was a Spirit of Compassion, standing tall in a genderless appearance of control and knowledge. The last however Cinnamon had not met- It appeared to be a he, but it wore Templar armour and helmet. She could not see his face.

However, it was the back half of her mind that noticed all of it. The front half was busy worrying.

"Demons have your friends Cannella. We only just managed to pull you from the one that grasped you- You did not suffer their fate. It means though, only you can save them."

It sounds like some stupid heroic story, where the heroine had to save her friends from the clutches of evil demons. But this was no fairy tale, and Cinnamon was no hero- Just a messed up mage with the oddest friends. And already she could tell something was wrong, the worry tainting her voice.

"But, there is more."

It was now that the third spirit, the one a shining suit of armour spoke, his voice booming and yet, foreboding.

"The demons that have taken your friends are more powerful then I... We, thought."

Like a lightening bolt it hit Cinnamon as to who the last spirit was, and why he seemed so familiar. Fear churned through her gut, and a hand hovered above her mouth, feet moving one step forwards on their own accord.

"Justice?" With a quiet, shaking voice the magelet blinked once more, watching the spirit for emotions that is don't exist. "But, if you are here, and not with Anders... Then the demons..."

"...Are powerful enough to separate us, yes. And will be more powerful, if they convince your friends to give them a foothold."

Her fingers shook but Cinnamon didn't care, blue eyes flickering between spirits as she tried to understand. It wasn't that the concept of the situation alluded her, but what she could do. As though guessing her unvoiced question Justice spoke once more, the rage he held when speaking through Anders no longer present.

"Demons will appease to their better will. We can help you a little, but it will be your word against theirs, like with that half-blood boy Fenyriel. They can change you and the world around them- Your words against their 'reality'."

A solemn air forced itself into the Fade and Hawke felt it on her lips. The spirits said not a word, and for a moment she was lost- Until her mind slowly connected, shaking off the last tendrils of sleep the Demon of Sloth had placed on her.

"Then I'll pick my words carefully. Can you get me to them?"

A smile past on the face of Kindness. But no matter the support there, the looks in the eyes of Justice distilled Hawke, and she frowned at him. After a moment he spoke again, eyes a light upon the magelet.

"We can show you the way. But Cannella..."

There he paused and Compassion slid in, it's eyes both sorrowful and proud.

"But every action has a price."

Without a moment's thought Cinnamon spoke, fire in her heart, words and eyes. "I don't care. I must try."

Once more a collective smile past over the group- But it was Justice that offered his hand, a door appearing behind him. The others stepped aside as Cinnamon reached out, faintly surprised she met something solid upon accepting the offered limb.

"Come. They can not last long."

Nodding Cinnamon let Justice lead the way, her bare feet making no noise on the absent floor of the Fade. The anticipation of what might occur next made her stomach turn and flicker in it's own wariness, making her gut feel like it was to become mabari meat.

The faint question of what she would lose however, continued to hover just in mind as Cinnamon opened the first door, and disappeared inside.
Ok well yes, I am late. And this is a very short chapter. It only has 979 words compared to my usual 2128!
Please, don't hate me. c:

So, I know for those of you who have played both DA: O and DA2 this is kinda a flashback. Don't worry, from here on it's very different.

By the way, sorry about the various tenses. It is 10.30pm on a school night over here.

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Dragon age 2 and all that belongs to Bioware.
Cinnamon Hawke belongs to me, unlucky girl.
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