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Title: Taste of Freedom (Chpt. 10)
Game: Dragon Age 2
Author: Blissy-Kills, aka Sessils
Characters/pairing: Fenris, the Spirit of Compassion, a Rage Demon, other peons and Cinnamon Hawke
Author's note: All characters belong to Bioware, except Cinnamon Hawke. Enjoy c:
And please forgive me, I know it's been nearly two months since I lasted posted, I am so sorry. I am finally getting back into writing so the next will be quicker. Thank you so much for your paitence.

They were screaming. Loudly. To precisely tell who 'they' were, was impossible at the moment, but an unwanted suspicious grew on Cinnamon that those who were fighting and dying at the moment were mages. And the cause of such misery was a certain important elf.

The little voice that told her to run was a strong one in Hawke about now. She ignored it, like all the other times, and instead continued to trek down the cavern's passage way, determination creased into the lines of her face. She was hindered by the mage slippers that covered her feet and the darkness. Even with the tiny light floating above her head, courtesy of Compassion, Hawke was finding it hard. The sense of dread that had continued to grow in her stomach didn't help much either.

Because there she was, walking through an underground tunnel towards the sounds of her kin dying at the hand of the one she loved, wearing exactly the same clothing of the ones he was killing. Cinnamon had seen the robes before- on sale in Hightown. Archon Robes they were called. Imported from Tevinter. Made of a silk-like fabric they looked more like extravagant noble wear then mage clothing. At least after she'd tossed away the stupid pointed hat, the attire was bareable. Regardless, they put the noble apostate in a horrid position of looking exactly like the enemy.

At any rate the demon had been kind enough to give her a staff.

Another cry of agony and anguish ripped through the passageway, reminding Cinnamon she was getting closer. One hand grasped the wooden staff tighter, the other slidding into the tiny bag that battered her moving thigh. Compassion was forced to flee- saying the demon here was primative but very, very strong- but she'd been able to hand the magelet one item that might help her before flittering away, sadly taking most of the light with her. Now Hawke held it for reasurrence, unaware of what is was but knowing it had to be useful somehow. However regardless of what it was, she had to be wary that if she didn't subdue Fenris, she'd never live long enough to use it.

Hawke rounded the last corner, and any more thoughts disappeared upon the sight that greeted her. The dread she'd been trying to fight so hard came back in a shock wave, and Cinnamon did nothing to contest it. On the other side of the cavern room stood Fenris, abundent glee colouring his face as he hacked and slashed all and any mage near him. A near constant stream of morbidly excited enemies flooded towards him, some cast spells from afar, some aiming for hand to hand. Each time one fell they faded away, disapating into the ground, as another appeared at the back of the pack. An ever constant game. A massacre. And Cinnamon stood at the very edge of it, uncertain of how to deal with it. Even she could feel the power of the Rage Demon from where she stood, the one that had sent Compassion running. A single question sprung to her mind, one that let the noble apostate's shoulder droop: How could one forgotten mage beat the most basic of all emotions?

"If you truly care, start now..." Justice's words came back to her, a faded voice that hushed the fearful one in her head. With a tiny, determine nod, the magelet stepped out of the fire and into the frying pan.

Brown light flared in Cinnamon's hand instantly as she picked up speed, her agile body letting her slip past the advancing mages. Her clothing made a perfect disguise, though Hawke was still forced to dodge fireballs and ice bolts as they were sent over her head. At the rate she was moving, all Cinnamon would have to worry about would be trying to save Fenris convincingly.

However, as it was for all Hawkes, no good luck lasted long.

Her presense had been detected. Not in an obvious way, for none of the surrounding mages turning their bloodlusted gaze upon her, but Hawke could feel the atmosphere in the cavern begin to tilt. It slid from simple need to feed, to a need to consume and finish. Cinnamon had officially run out of time.

Acting without thought, the little magelet stopped, turned towards a crazed Blood Mage that had began to charge up a powerful and deadly spell for Fenris, and sent the first spell that came to mind flying from her fingers. Caught in her surprisingly powerful Telekinetic Burst, the mage- along with a fair few others- flew up and away from the noble apostate as she continued to run towards the elf that mattered the most. A few more crossed her path but, with a determination as strong as her own, they did not last long. Bursting through the thick ring of mages Hawke's head shot up, and blue eyes met surprised green for a split second, only two strides between them. The mages had paused for some reason, but Cinnamon knew they would be right behind her soon. Regardless, relief flooded her at spotting an nearly unhurt Fenris.

But any happiness was stalled as something exploded behind Hawke, a powerful spell center right behind her body. The shockwave caught both her and Fenris, slamming them both into the wall with enough force to knock the air from her lungs. Cinnamon's ears rung as she slid to the ground, back pressed against the solid wall as she tried to shake the spotted blurs from her vision. Someone reached for her, from a distance away, and a sudden wave of numbness washed over Hawke. It was the end. Her limbs refused to work- to move and pick herself up-  while blood rolled down her face and neck to colouring the pale mage as she lay there, vunerable. She could do nothing, as the hand of what she could now see was the rage demon, descended upon her.

And then Fenris was there, in front of her, clashing with anyone who came close. Glancing back he shouted words at her, but while Cinnamon's vision had cleared her ears had not- The deep centered ringing vibrated somewhere within her brain. The magelet extended a hand behind herself, letting it crawl up the wall to find a handhold. Pain stabbed from every side but Hawke pulled herself up, leaning back against the clay as she surveyed the scene. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion. Mages continued to launch their attacks Fenris and the elf continued to block as best he could, but even a disorientated Cinnamon could see he was struggling. Her time to act was now.

Magic trickled into her fingers, that which came from the very last of her reserves, and as she turned around to face the wall she let it gather. Behind her the sounds of battle faded as Cinnamon let her mind clear and let the magic swell, bubble and burn. And when it burst she sent the shockwave not outwards but in one direction, into the cavern wall.

The sound of her magic working echoed over the din of death and as a crack appeared in the clay, pulling the wall apart at a break that stretched to just above her head, Cinnamon spun around. Without a thought she grasped Fenris's shoulder, pulling him back just in time to avoid the daggered swipe of a mad opponent, and towards the gap. Shoving him in front of her the two disappeared inside just as the back half of their passage began to rush closed, and the despairing cries of losing mages was silenced.

Finally Cinnamon remembered how to breathe, and did so, letting a long sigh of relief escaping her lips.
With a small, tired smile painting the air around her, Hawke leant back against the freshly sealed wall, a hand that shook from fatigue rising to cast one last spell. As her small orb of light bathed the clay room in dim, orange light, Cinny closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the coolness of the moist dirt seeping through her thin robes in a relaxing manner. When the magelet's heart had once more fallen back to normal, she gave up stalling, took a step out of her leaning and relucantly opened her eyes.

They fell on the gaze of a cornered slave, one who's green glare burned with resentment, anger and most of all mistrust.

Fenris didn't say a word as he started towards her, body lighting up in a soft blue as powerful strides brought him closer within seconds. And yet Cinnamon didn't move, even as he fell upon her, one hand reaching out to grasp her throat and push her back with a rough edge against the wall she'd just been relaxing on. Automatically her hands flew up to grasp his fingers but she didn't pull as he didn't lift her, simply held her, stopping the mage from running or doing anything without the threat of pain. Her shy, awkard friend of four years was lost to a feral version as Fenris let his hatred of 'her kind' wash over the noble apostate, words forming through gritted teeth.

"Who are you, and why did you save me?"

Shadows, cast from the flickering orb that hovered inches from her head, played on the ex-slave's features as Cinnamon simply held his gaze, her face calm. Inside, her heart was screaming again, every sense in her body telling her to turn her magic upon this attacker. Knowing better then to try anything, even as Fenris's brilliant blue glow began to fade, Hawke simply blinked then bit her bottom lip, replying in a soft but quickly spoken voice.

"I am a friend. You don't remember me, but I know you Fenris. Pleas-"

His flat palm hit her harder then she expected, cutting her words off and spinning the magelet's face to one side. Teeth punctured skin by accident, and for a moment Cinnamon let herself remain still, blood rolling down her chin and her cheek burning in pain. A hand grasped her chin and pulled her back into focus, forcing her to meet the glare of a distant friend with her own pain riddled one.

"Do not use my name or that term. I've heard that lie a thousands times mage, it shall not work."

"You have to believe me- You are in the Fade, and you must trust m-"


Roughly he shoved Cinnamon away, turning away from the mage as she slumped back against wall, sliding down just a little with one hand falling to cover a terrified heart. Stalking away Fenris let out another harsh laugh, the blue glow once more leaping to his skin like a dog returning to its master.

"You except me to believe I'd let a mage like you live long enough to be able to say that they know me without fear?! Even if what you say is correct, my opinions can't have changed."

The remark bit deep into the magelet, crushing a small bit of her heart as she visiably flinched. He watched her from the other side of the small cavern, dropped sword now in hand once more as he waited for her reply. Swallowing Cinnamon opened her mouth, words spoken slowly but shaking like her limbs could have been if not folded against herself.

"I helped you stay free since you arrived in the city of Kirkwall. I taught you to read, to know someone without mistrust. I helped you find Hadrianna and kill her. We are friends, Fenris."

For a few moments it seemed like her words had had an effect on the elf as he held her gaze, no emotions on his face. Hope rose in Cinnamon but she dared not act on it, knowing that if she did he'd become mistrusting. Still she couldn't stop it flooding her eyes, watching as Fenris took a deep breath, preparing to reply. And a cold, dead feeling gripped her as he did, sinking her back down to where she had been and beyond.

"Impressive story. Did you come up with that, or did your mage kin help you? Pretend to kill you then trap you in here with me to sweet talk me into believing you. Priceless."

"Not all mages are the same Fenris! You can not paint everyone with the same brush as your monsters!"

"Ha! You make it sound like your kind is innocent, when you are just a hop, skip and jump away from becoming a monster yourself. Choice does not trump nature."

Tears prickled her eyes and flowed down her cheeks and Cinnamon let out a sob, covering her mouth as she lowered her eyes for a second. His words cut worse then any sword could, and worse, as the mage had no expected them. It was hard to keep insisting to herself that this was just the Fade, bring out the worse in him. Anger rushed in to fill the space where words had cut her, matched only by the hurt that followed.

"If no proof I give you will ever be enough, then I hope your freedom tastes sickly sweet. Because I gave mine up to save you, the only one I've ever loved. Tell me, how does that trump nature?"

She could see from the look in his eyes, the one that for a moment hid the one of hatred and mockery, that at last her words shocked him. But in her state the magelet didn't care, her hand reaching into the sidebag to grasp the gift Compassion gave her at the start. Anger made Cinnamon pulled it out, and without a thought throw it at him before collapsing against the wall, bending her head to silently cry.

It hit Fenris in the chest before rolling off him, hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes. With a frown he bent down, grasping the roll of paper tightly in his metal-covered hand before bringing it up to his face. Some part of him wished to rip it and kill the mage; be done with this place. But another part, one that was apparently in contorl, glanced to the crying mage before back down at the paper. With the gentlest of hands he began to unravel it, pulling one end slowly down to read the script imprinted on it's body, the black ink illuminated by his blueish glow.

" 'At Shartan's word, the sky grew black with arrows... At Our Lady's, ten thousand swords rang from their sheaths...' "

From her place against the wall Cinnamon paused, lifting her head very gently to watch Fenris. His eyes were not on her, but on the page he held in front of him, lips moving slowly as he spoke in a hushed tone. Now she understood Compassion's gift, her meaningful intent. The spirit's gift was Cinnamon's, the one she'd given to Fenris the night she began to teach him to read. And gently the magelet wiped her face, lifting herself up against the wall as Fenris continued.

" '...A great hymn rose over Valarian Fields gladly proclaiming: Those who had been slaves, were now free. Shartan 10:1, Dissonant Verse. Cannella Hawke."

A frowned touched his face as he uttered the last words, ones not related to the canticle at all. The frown deepened as he glanced up towards her, watching the mage pull herself to her feet before glancing back down to the words. Something clicked in his mind at that point, a realisation that shattered any hold held upon him. The paper slipped from his hands and he let it fall, glancing up again at the mage. At Cannella Hawke. At...

"Cinnamon? It's you?"

Only a smile greeted his words but it was all the elf needed. In three steps he covered the space between them, wrapping the shaking mage in his embrace as he buried his head in her neck, hiding a shamed face. All the things he said, it was unlikely she'd forgive him. But when timid hands touched his shoulders, before envelopping him in her arms he knew she had.

And as he held her, the world began to fade, disappearing around them like it had done many times before to Cinnamon. But this time, even as she pulled away to watch it fall, she did not fall with it- Instead, as the presense of Compassion appeared at their side, to Hawke it seemed like it was all over. There was no one left to save. They could go home.

She was wrong.
OH GOD forgive me it's been nearly two months I am sooooo sorry

I have nothing to say, except god this took me too long to write. But I'm all good now, getting back into it.

Oh, and once again thank you to the wonderful ~eV13il for beta reading my work. Thank you c:

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Previous - [link]

Dragon age 2 and all that belongs to Bioware.
Cinnamon Hawke belongs to me, unlucky girl.
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